Blowing away lives

Hey everyone,

So haven’t been blogging for a while, lots of things going on.

Anyways, I’m, back with this. First thing I would like to tell you about is, who his face is based on. I started this by loosely basing a face on my own, Then I started trying things out and eventually I got to this result.

I first drew a whole face and then kinda splitted him up in a way that there would be a nice flowing line. After the face splitting part, I drew a part of his sweater. While drawing his sweater I tried to keep this flowing line in mind.

While I was colouring the bleu in the back, I figured it would give a certain mood if I was able to draw him as if flakes of his face were drawn away by the wind. After drawing these “flakes” I imagened his life slowely beeing taken away from him.

I thought purple would fit such a sad area more than the bleu, so I made it this way. After doing that, I decided on changing his facial impression in such a way that he would look more sad and empty.


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Drawing an eye

I haven’t found time lately to draw stuff, but I did find the time for this. An eye.

Something I have done before and therefore I didn’t necessarily need an example. When I was done with the basics, I did do some picture searching for an eye that caught mine. I found one, and that was what I used as an example for the eyelashes and some other small things.

Since I think simply drawing a eye is not really art, and because of that I added the tear. I think a drawing/painting/picture should give you a certain emotion.

I might change some parts of it around, when I find the time.


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Something new to me.

As the ones that have read some of my other posts might have noticed, I draw a lot of nature related stuff. So to do something diffrent, I placed a rectangle on a piece of paper, and saw what would happen.

The result, Somehow it turned into a tall building with a path next to it. I repeated this and soon I found out it would be fun to let it bend as if it was all build on a ball.

further on, This drawing was also a opportunity for me to play around with colours a bit. Would blue even  catch your eye next to red? When would the red have the strongest effect? Well, to try the blue/red mystery out I drew those high rise buildings in the back, on the left (in blue of course).

another thing I thought of,When would red have the best and strongest effect? I tried a few diffrent ways of colouring out on the red in the background. I tried: hard pressing, soft pressing, lines close together and lines far apart. As you can see I decided on a mixture of these. On the right I pressed hard but I drew the lines apart from eachother a bit, and on the left I did the opposite.


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Yes, I drew a british snake.


To start: This is a snake (obviously), not a ordinary one though, it’s one I made up, a snake based on the british flag. I didn’t use a example for this, so it doesn’t look like a specific type of snake, it’s is just what my mind would create when it would hear the word snake.

I thought giving it the standard green, would make a pretty boring picture. I somehow linked “snake” with “brithish flag”, and tada here is the result.

Yes indeed, it’s a snake in the colours of the british flag, why not?

The background is next up, I didn’t feel like simply using the oposite colour of the snake for this one. But, I did see a butterfly on my computer, and I decided to use the almighty but beatifull butterfly for the background. Something else you might have noticed is that both the tiles in the floor and the bricks in the wall are not aligned, This is something that I thought would be fun to try out, so I did.


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the orange path.

This is something that is based on a path that I’ve seen in a forest were me and my parents were walking the dog.

It inspired me, but I didn’t copy it, I gave it my own twist.

first, I had a idea for a background for this, but that ment I had to lower the amount of trees. To much trees would mean that you wont be able to even see the background. In the background, there is one hole in this wall of shapes, which only the path leads to. The idea of the background came from the doodles my brother used to make, I thought it would fit in.

secondly, The purple/blue of the trees pop out against the green of the ground, and also does the orange/ brown path. That hole in the background should also catch your eye with it’s jellow colour.


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turning someone into a elf.

This started with me not knowing what to draw, I just started sketching my mom. Because of her typical red hair, I decided to elf things up.

Elf ears, that neckalage, the hairstyle, these are all things I think of When I think of the word elf.

What else to tell?

I kept my mothers original hair colour, gave it some wave. Since her skin colour has quite some red in it, I used some red but I didn’t use all the red actually needed. Further on, I made the background blue, simply because that is the opposite of red.


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when I’m bored at school:

What Happens when I’m bored at school?

not surprisingly I draw!

Well this is the kind of drawing what I think of when somebody says caricature.

I remeber when I drew this, I got this book, about drawing caricature. I got this as a present when we were celebrating Sint Nicolas, a dutch holiday. Anyways, I drew out of inspiration for that book (Trying it out). I found it today when I was supposed to be making some work for dutch lessons.

The left one is of a guy in a borrowed car about to crash (“oh no, I’m going to have to pay for this”, he jells). The right of a grumpy old man that lost his car keys.


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